Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Test Your Energy IQ

Test Your Energy IQ

From: U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Public and Consumer Affairs, Consumer and Public Liaison, Energy Information Administration (10/95).

Answers follow the questions from ComfortMatters.com

1. For which jobs are microwave ovens used most?

Defrosting frozen foods

Cooking meals

Reheating foods

Preparing snacks

2. Microwave ovens are currently found in what percentage of all U.S. Homes?




3. Almost all of us use ovens for cooking. What percentage are electric?




4. How many gallons of hot water does the typical dishwasher use during a normal cycle?




5. Ceiling fans are currently found in what percentage of U.S. homes?

10 to 15%

25 to 30%

50 to 55%

6. Switching to fluorescent lighting can save consumers a lot of money. How much money could Americans save collectively each year if we all made the switch to efficient lighting?


$ 1 million

$750 million

7. Energy-efficient lighting can reduce home electricity demand up to what percent?




8. In a family of four, if each member takes one 10-minute shower a day using a standard showerhead, how many gallons of water will the family use a year?

13,000 gallons

73,000 gallons

150,000 gallons

9. How much does the typical family spend in a year to run its electric home appliances?

$100 to $300

$400 to $1,000

$1,100 to $1,500

10. How many gallons of gasoline does a typical driver use each year?

1,070 gallons

3,500 gallons

5,100 gallons

11. What percent of home heat is lost up an open chimney flue after a fire has died in the fireplace?




12. Industry consumes what percent of the total energy used in the United States?




13. Which renewable energy source generates the most electricity?

Wind power


Solar power

14. What energy source provides more than half of the electricity in the U.S.?



Natural gas

15. What is the nation's most plentiful energy source?





1. Cooking meals

2. 84%

3. 63%

4. 14 gallons

5. 50 to 55%

6. $750 million

7. 75%

8. 73,000 gallons

9. $400 to $1,000

10. 1,070

11. 10%

12. 36%

13. Hydropower

14. Coal

15. Coal

Monday, May 4, 2009

H1N1 aka: Swine Flu Prevention

Swine flu (H1N1) has created a new world of panic that American hasn't delt with in a long time. This is just a wake up call about simple things that should be done. Like washing hands.... Beside that there are many methods of controling health problems like the flu. The flu will kill on average 36,000 people per year according to the CDC. That is just the everyday flu that we deal with. There have been products around for a long time to control flu virus. Like Trane CleanEffects home filtration system or Ultra Vilot systems like Sanuvox. CleanEffects kills 99% of airborne flu virus that passes through it according to a Harvard School of Public Health.

Below is a press release by Sanuvox about there findings with the H1N1.


Web: www.sanuvox.com

PRESS RELEASE April 28th 2009
Sanuvox UV Air Sterilization System's ability to destroy airborne
Type A Influenza including Swine Flu (H1N1)
(Montreal, Canada) Sanuvox Technologies has been receiving inquiries following the recent swine influenza (H1N1)
outbreak in Mexico, United States, and Canada as well as in other parts of the world. Sanuvox UV Air Sterilization
Systems are designed to destroy airborne biological contaminants including the swine influenza.
Sanuvox wants to inform the public on the ability of Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Sterilization Systems to destroy the influenza
virus including those that fall into the family of Orthomyxoviridae. These include type A, type B and type C influenza
viruses. The World Health Organization has confirmed that at least some of the human cases are a never-before-seen
version of the H1N1 strain of the influenza type A virus.
The Sanuvox In-Duct Ultraviolet Air Sterilization System (UV Bio-Wall) has been tested by the US Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) and the US National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) against biological warfare
agents. Installed into the ventilation system, the Sanuvox UV Air Sterilization unit achieved on a single pass with no
recirculation >99.97% destruction on S. marcescens bacteria, 99% destruction on the MS2 virus and 93% destruction on
B. atrophaeus bacterial spore.
McGill University has tested the Sanuvox portable / stand-alone UV Air Sterilization unit (P900GX) against tuberculosis,
and achieved a destruction rate of 90% while operating in the sputum induction room of the Montreal Chest Hospital.
Sanuvox testing which has been completed by the US EPA, NHSRC and McGill University on bio-contaminants which
require up to ten times (10X) the dosage of UV energy to destroy in comparison to the weaker influenza virus.
According to Dr. Normand Brais, President of Sanuvox Technologies Inc. "The use of high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal
systems can control the transmission of the airborne influenza virus thus preventing cross-contamination of occupants
and co-workers." Dr. Normand Brais goes onto say, "Sanuvox UV systems are specifically designed to deliver the
necessary UV energy to effectively disinfect the indoor air."
To read the EPA / National Homeland Security Research testing on the Sanuvox UV Air Sterilization System please visit
www.epa.gov/ordnhsrc/pubs/600r06053.pdf .

For information on Swine Influenza please visit http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu .

Sanuvox Technologies manufactures UV Air Sterilization Systems which are installed into the ductwork designed to
sterilize the biological contaminants as they pass through the UV system. Sanuvox also manufactures mobile
decontamination units and stand-alone HEPA Filter / Ultraviolet Air Sterilization systems designed to destroy biocontaminants
while trapping particles down to .3 microns in size.

For more information on indoor air quality go to www.ComfortMatters.com.