Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 Minnesota Centerpoint Energy Rebates

Minnesota Centerpoint Energy Rebates

Centerpoint Energy is the primary natural gas supplier for Minneapolis Twin City area. 2010 has brought a nice increase in rebates. In 2009 a customer would get $150 back if the installed a new 95% Efficient furnace. With energy being a major effort in our country there have been increased rebate programs.

Below is the list of rebates a homeowner can get. A quality heating installation company will be able to walk you through this process. Some of the companies take care of 100% of the paperwork for you. After you have a new qualifying heating system installed you will receive your rebate check in the mail typically 4-6 weeks after installation.

2010 Centerpoint Rebates:

$150 92% AFUE or greater gas furnace
$300 95% AFUE or greater gas furnace
$400 96% AFUE or greater gas furnace

$300 83.5% AFUE or greater gas boiler
$500 91% AFUE or greater condensing gas boiler

$25 Install programmable thermostat with qualifying heating system.

I would not concern yourself much over a 95% or 96% furnace. Most manufactures don't even offer a 96% efficient furnace. And in real world homes you will never see a difference on fuel savings between a 95% or 96%. Carefully screen the company installing your furnace because there installation methods can make a big difference on how efficient the furnace actually operates in your home. How the company designs the duct work connections will also effect how noisy the furnace is and how much electricity it will use. At completion there should be a combustion performance test done to tune the furnace for maximum energy savings. Companies using NCI (National Comfort Institute) standards will far our perform others.