Sunday, January 25, 2009

Furnace Energy Tax Credit

2009 has brought back the home heating energy tax credit. This was pushed by many organization's but failed to happen. But then the 2nd draft of the bail out bill came and this past with it. So for homeowners who replace there gas furnace with a 95% Efficient model they will get $150. If the furnace has an energy efficient motor (commonly called variable speed) you get another $50. You can get details on this program at

This money is a direct credit. Meaning if you are getting $500 back on your taxes at the end of 2009 you will now get $700. There are other items you can earn energy tax credit like home insulating. But the max for a household is $500.

Don't forget to check if you local natural gas supplier has rebates also. For example you can get up to $150 from Centerpoint Energy in Minnesota.

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