Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keeping Minnesota State Fair Cold...

Oh no... Summer's almost over? Not yet, the Minnesota State Fair is typically a hot and busy week. Comfort Matters Heating and Cooling, Inc was able to help keep one of the food stands cold.

Midway Food Company from Winchester, Texas area has a food stand called the Midway Grill and it gets pretty hot working over a grill at the fair. Well only a couple weeks away their air conditioning stopped working on their custom built portable 18,000 pound kitchen. The trailer was out in Montana at a fair when Comfort Matters got the call that they were heading to Minnesota for the fair and needed to get the cooling fixed. Comfort Matters found a Trane rooftop air conditioner in Laramie Wyoming that would work. So within days before the fair the trailer was delivered to Comfort Matters office in Hanover, MN.

"This became a very interesting and custom installation" said Corey Hickmann (owner of Comfort Matters Heating and Cooling, Inc.) We brought in Crystal Welding to help custom build the aluminum frame and ducting so we could mount the new Trane unit on the Roof. Even though it decided to rain most of the day slowing down the work, the new cooling system was up and running the next day and ready for delivery to the fair. The Minnesota State Fair is the largest fair in the country for daily attendance and it is very important to the Midway Grill to have a successful event.

So if you are out at the fair try a burger and fries at the Midway Grill, and if you miss it there it will be heading to Utah, Texas, and a few other stops before the year is over.

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