Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wood Burning Stoves Qualify for $1,500 Tax Credit

The tax stimulus package now includes the Lexington Forge Wood burning Stoves.

Lexington Forge Models Eligible for US Tax Credit

PARIS, KY (June 4, 2009)-- Recent economic stimulus legislation has included a 30% (up to $1500) consumer tax credit on the purchase of a 75% efficient biomass burning stove. This legislation takes effect immediately and, though the qualifying guidelines were just released this week, is retroactive to any eligible stove purchased since January 1, 2009. The credit is available through 2010. Tax payers should keep in mind that this is a credit, not a deduction, on their income tax returns. Therefore the entire eligible amount is credited to their tax bill.

Stimulus tax credits have been an interesting move by the IRS. There is a large amount of money that has been allowed to pay for energy efficient heating and cooling equipment in American Homes. Tax credits will vary by individual tax situations. You can confirm your status with your CPA. You can contact Comfort Matters about tax credit questions at

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