Friday, February 5, 2010

Minnesota Energy Saver Rebate Program

The State of Minnesota started a new energy rebate program for homeowners to make improvements to there home. The short version is you can make your home more energy efficient by upgrading heating system, air conditioning, windows, insulation, light fixtures, and a few other items.

The state's advantage is trying to help American become more energy independent.

The homeowners advantage is you get a very large rebate for items that can drastically lower you monthly gas and electric bills. If you look at long term what it cost to heat and cool your home it is amazing. Average Minnesota home cost $1,000/year for natural gas and $1,200/year in electricity. That is $2,200 per year or $22,000 over 10 Years. And if gas and electric rates keep going up as they have it will cost even more.

The heating and cooling system upgrade has been a great thing for homeowners. There never has been a time you could install a new 95% Efficient Gas furnace and cooling system for so little money. You can use federal tax credit up to $1500, local utility gas rebates, utility electric rebates, plus get another 35% rebate from the state. The state rebate is 35% of the total installed cost with a maximum rebate of $10,000 per home from the State of Minnesota.

One requirement is you must finance the installation, but you get a great 5.9% interest rate.


-Must be owner occupied
-Decent credit history
-Current maximum household income of $96,500 (updated annually)
-Single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, four-plexes, and a unit of a condominium or town home (no common areas)

You can learn more about this loan at

Or contact Comfort Matters Heating and Cooling at 763-493-2665 or and you can get more details or have an information package sent to you with details.

You can find participating banks at

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