Saturday, February 13, 2010

Safe use of gas range and ovens

Gas Range and Ovens Carbon Monoxide Risk

A typical gas oven will produce high amounts of carbon monoxide (CO). This is normal and allowable by design. But what homeowners miss is you need to run a vented rangehood while cooking. When I say vented hood I mean one that actually vents outside. Not the style that just suck the air up and blow it back into the home.

A gas oven will commonly produce 200-300 PPM of CO. According to Iowa State University they are allowed to produce upto 800 PPM. When testing gas ovens in homes I have found this to be true. Homeowners commonly do not understand this and will cook with out turning on the rangehood vent. There are many homes that don't even have a vented rangehood.

This is one of the many reasons you can not use an oven to heat your home. Long use of the oven can over come the home with high levels of CO which can be very dangerous.

It is very important that any home with a gas range has a low level Carbon Monoxide Monitor. Not just a carbon monoxide alarm. Some states like Minnesota require CO alarms in homes, but not CO Monitors. A CO Monitor will alarm you with levels as low as 5 PPM in your home. A Carbon Monoxide alarm from your hardware store will not notify you until levels as high as 75 PPM in the home.

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